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330 N. Brea Blvd #H
Brea, CA 92821

(714) 784-6009
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Rates & Policies

Tuition as of August 2021   
Single Class /Drop in Fee: $20.00 

Number of ClassesCost Per Calendar Month
1 Class Series$60.00
2 Class Series$110.00
3 Class Series$140.00
4 Class Series$160.00
5 Class Series$180.00
6 Class Series$200.00
7 Class Series$215.00
8 Class Series$225.00
9 Class Series$235.00
Number of ClassesCost Per Calendar Month
1 Class Series$55.00
2 Class Series$95.00
3 Class Series$120.00
4 Class Series$130.00
5 Class Series$150.00
6 Class Series$175.00
7 Class Series$190.00
8 Class Series$200.00
9 Class Series$210.00

* Family Plan applies to immediate family members only.

Studio Policies

Tuition Policies

  • Tuition prices are based on a 4 week month. Months consisting of 3 weeks (holiday) or 5 weeks are the same price.
  • All payments are due on the 1st of each month. Any tuition fees not paid on or before the 1st of the month will incur a $15 late fee.
  • Tuition may be paid by cash, check or credit card. Payments can be made in person or over the phone (by credit card) to the Stage One office staff. Students also have the option to leave a credit card on file for automatic monthly tuition charges to avoid any chance of a late fee. It is the customers responsibilty to inform the office staff of any change in their monthly tuition fees or if they no longer wish to be charged monthly.
  • If tuition fees are not paid by the 15th of the month students will not be allowed to attend class until they are paid.
  •  Returned checks will be charged a fee of $20.
  • Stage One charges all students an ANNUAL $10.00 registration fee every December (beginning in December of 2021).

Make-Up Classes

  • Students are eligible for a make-up class if a class is missed.
  • Students have 30 days from the date of the missed class to do a make-up.
  • There will be no make-up lessons given on national holidays.
  • The studio will keep track of all make-ups.
  • If a student does not have any make-ups and is in a class they are not enrolled in, their account will be billed $15 for a single class fee (no exceptions).

Required Dance Attire

  • BALLET - leotard, tights and ballet shoes (ballet skirts or fitted shorts/pants are optional).
  • The attire for all other classes is workout wear and proper dance shoes.
  • No loose-fitting clothes.
  • Hair must be in either a ponytail or a bun with bangs pulled back.
  • The office will not supply students with rubber bands or barrettes.
  • Students not following the dress code will no be allowed in class.
  • *Dress code does not apply to Combo or Level 1 classes.
                                                                             General Policies                                                                                                 

Students (or their parent / guardian) are reqired to fill out a Stage One enrollment form at the time of registration that includes student information and policy requirements.

Stage One dance classes are based on age/level. The studio directors will make final decisions regarding the placement of students in the most appropriate classes for their age and ability.               

Classes are run hourly by professional instructors to ensure the highest quality of instruction. The Stage One staff reserves the right to dismiss any student from class who causes disruption or demonstrates disrespect to others or staff. Stage One also reserves the right to refuse service to anyone causing havoc or distress on the establishment or other customers.

Any dancer arriving more than 15 minutes late for class will not be allowed to take class due to proper warm-up and safety reasons.                                                                                                                           

Photographs taken at Stage One Dance Studio or at any studio event may be used on the studio website, social media or in the creation or publication of marketing materials. No financial compensation of any type will be provided.

Absolutely NO food is allowed in the studio. Outside sitting areas are designated for all food and drinks other than water. Dancers ARE allowed to bring water bottles inside of the studio and dance rooms. Dancers may purchase water bottles in the Stage One office for a fee of $1.00.




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