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Company Dancers / Stage One Competition Schedule 

The "Stage One Dance Company" is our Competitive Dance Team (2018 competition schedule is listed below)

Being a Stage One Company Dancer requires a time and monetary commitment. Competition groups are designated by the studio directors based on age and level and are reevaluated annually. The Company Dancers represent Stage One at all events and competitions.

What is competition?
Competition is a healthy environment of dance studios performing their routines and receiving scores and feedback from a panel of judges. Each routine receives an award depending on their score and the chance to receive a Judges Award and Overall Placement award. Competition schedules are not only based on a performer's age, but also on their years of competition experience and number of hours of weekly dance.

Why should my dancer participate?
Competition builds confidence, teamwork, responsibility, friendships, memories, and most importantly a lifetime love of dance.

What would my dancer's schedule be?
Depending on how many teams you and your dancer commit to, her schedule can vary. All of our competitive dancers must take a minimum of 1 Stretch & Turns class and 2 Ballet classes, along with their competition classes. The final schedule will be determined when we know how many routines your dancer commits to. Extra practices are required on occasion. Competition soloists are required to train a MINIMUM of 6 hours per week and must be cleared by studio director(s).

How many competitions will my dancer do?
They will participate in approximately 4-5 competitions per season. Competition schedules are passed out prior to the season with all dates, locations and fees. The Stage One competitive season is from February to July. Some locations may require travel and added costs (hotel fees, etc.).

Am I required to participate as a Company Dancer?
No, it is not required at all. Stage One has year round technique classes, as well as an annual recital performance that is open to all students. EVERY student is part of our "dance family" regardless of whether they are enrolled in recreational or competitive classes.

If you would have questions or would like more information about the "Stage One Company" feel free to reach out to studio directors Robyn Melanson or Kara Fleming at any time.     

Remaining competitions:

MOVE Regionals June 1-3rd  (Ontario) & MOVE Nationals July 7-12th Palm Springs






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